Publish Date:31-08-2007
Archive Date:01-01-2020

VirtualThinking! Support Tracker

XTThis ticket system is for letting us know if you are having technical problems. We will try to immediately respond and fix any issues or problems that you might be having. To provide you with that level of support, we need a detailed but succinct description of what you're experiencing.

Here's a less than helpful example:

Subject: Help!

I can't add a user, help! We are on a deadline!

And here is an improved version:

Subject: Can't add a new user!

Hi! I'm trying to add a user and seem to be having a problem.

I clicked on 'Admin > User Management' filled in the form to add a user, entered a username and password, and clicked save, but all I got was a blank screen. I tried again, and I saw the same blank screen.

I'd really appreciate you guys taking a look ASAP.

Thanks, Saul T. Bush.

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